All of these links to other Web pages and sources are not the responsibility of this sites' administrator.   I have personally visited each site and veryfied they contain material relevant to the Battle Between the Monitor & the Virginia, but sites change often and may contain advertisements and other information inconsistent with this sites' non-profit, educational nature.

  • Navies In The Civil War   This page gives a few pictures, and an essay concerning the Civil War Navies. The battle between the Monitor & the Virginia is mentioned.
  • Lee Hall Mansion This museum interprets the 1862 Peninsula Campaign that took place in the Hampton Roads area.
  • The Mariner's Museum located in Newport News, VA. This is the national repository for all U.S.S. Monitor artifacts recovered from the wreck site as well as a stunning display of scale models made in the 1930s of the USS Merrimack, USS Monitor, and CSS Virginia.
  • 1862 Peninsula Campaign This one is a broad overview of the entire 1862 Peninsula Campaign that was fought in and around the Hampton Roads area
  • Virginia War Museum This site has a gift shop with Ironclad books for sale written by a prominent Hampton Roads' historian.
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