Davis, William C.Duel Between the First Ironclads. Garden City: Doubleday & Co.,
Inc., 1975.

This is an excellent book. It gives a detailed and very energetic account of the Battle Between the Monitor and the Virginia. It is well documented and includes many illustrations and pictures to help visualize the battle.

Location: Brigham Young University

Donovan, Frank R. Ironclads of the Civil War. New York: American Heritage Publishing
Co., 1964.

This book is juvenile literature, however, it also contains a well delivered account of the battle with illustrations and photos to help visualize the battle. It flows very smoothly and all ages will enjoy Mr. Donovan's account as told in this book.

Location: Brigham Young University

Still, William N. Jr. Monitor Builders: A Historical Study of the Principal Firms and
Individuals Involved in the Construction of USS Monitor. Washington, DC: Department of the Interior., 1988.

William Still, a Professor of History at East Carolina University gives a splendid account of the people and firms involved in the making of the Monitor. Many pictures are included to illustrate his work. This small soft-bound book was prepared for the US Dept of Commerce, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin., and the Marine and Estuarine Management Div in Wash., D.C.

Location: Brigham Young University


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